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Evan Ledman

Hello I'm Evan Owner and Co-Founder of Outrage Smash Therapy. Born and raised in Lafayette. From a very early age I’ve always had a business from lawn care to trash removal for senior citizens. entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. Owning an FEC (Family Entertainment Center) has always been a dream of mine. Outrage definitely fulfills that. The idea of Outrage hit me when an urge to just smash something overwhelmed me. We’ve all been there, right? My hope is that this bring the community together for some fun, and mental stress relief.


Kali Foley

Hello I'm Kali Foley Owner and Co-founder of Outrage Smash Therapy. I'm am originally from Northern Indiana and Moved to Lafayette with my High School Sweetheart Jake. We got Married in 2014. We have two cantankerous Boys Watson - 4 and Declan - 3. We live for the outdoors and finding new and exiting things to do around the city.

I am beyond eager to start this business venture as an outlet for anyone that needs an escape from their grueling day to day lives. I myself feel this adventure is a way to relieve stress and find enjoyment in the world again!

Can't wait to meet you at the Rage Room!

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Leanne Ledman

My name is Leanne Ledman. I was born and raised here in Lafayette and a graduate of Jefferson High School. I have experience in working in Management and training employees. My creative side drives me for this business. Our paint splatter box is something I’m particularly excited about. How could you not be? I am also a mom to 3 amazing children. So between them and Outrage you could say my hands are full. I will definitely benefit for our rage room!

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